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New Year and Chinese New Year already passed but I hope I am not too late to talk about being 2014-ready.

Every December, coffee drinkers and even non-coffee drinkers consume more than the usual cup of coffee they have been drinking in order to obtain stickers and score the planners from various coffee brands they are eying. The most popular here in Philippines is Starbucks.

Some have different purposes over the years. Some use it as personal planners, others gift it to their loved ones, friends or family, while others are just joining the bandwagon. There is a small percent who look into the design and quality of it. I guess I am part of that small percent. Besides, I'm not a coffee drinker anyway. However, if I wanted the planner, I make my Dad collect stickers for me. He never completed all and I end up getting nothing but I'm good because I have tons of notebook and non-coffee planner every year, most of which are gifts. The only Starbucks planner I've had was the 2012 one. It comes with a pouch and bookmark and it was given to me by Ate Mary for my birthday. I still write into it once in a while even if it is already 2014. I was just making the most of the empty pages left.

(Wooden 2012 Starbucks planner)

Before, I prefer diaries or journals over planners since I have this habit of not being able to write on these pages simply because I find them cute. I do not want to ruin the pages' designs with my handwriting and I don't really write plans. I write the things that happened everyday, to be reminded and so that I have something to look back months and years later. So now I have a growing number of empty planners/notebooks. If you would recall, I already created a post about my notebooks
here. I keep them for future use and well, added collection to my future home, hopefully.

(My notebook collection)
Most of these are still empty pages and I bet these are not all the notebooks/ journals I own. There's probably a handful more hidden somewhere in my room. I remember I used to buy the Candy Magazine School Planner back in Elementary, I stopped because I have a lot of notebooks to write on.

Of Planners and planning

When we started our online shop, Lovette Shop (shameless plugging, please like and thank you), I recycled my 2011 Asian Development Bank Planner I received from JournSoc before. It's really helpful.  I use the big spaces to track our expenses, earnings and to-do list although it is truly heavy. I already used it before for my Senior year but then there are several pages left to use, why not recycle?

This year, I decided to have separate planners for work and for personal use.

For work, I use this  Suki Daybook 2014, given by my aunt. It's hardbound yet handy, undated, comes with magnetic lock. There's also bonus discount coupons for medicines and etc as well as health facts and tips written inside. The dated page comes after the calendar, although these are just 14 pages back to back while the rest is undated journal/composition notebook style. I love how it is spacious, really helpful for scribbling, and doodling, but I haven't doodled yet. You can get this at Mercury Drug Stores nationwide, 30 points will be deducted from your Suki Card.

(Suki DayBook 2014. Red.)

For my personal planner, it was pretty hard choosing. Since I would be the one to finance my own planner this time, I have to make sure that the planner I would be purchasing is worth every Peso. I waited for the Starbucks Planner to come out to see if I like their design but then again I stumbled upon Tita Witty on Instagram again and in the spur of the moment, I got sold by her Relaks, Pag-ibig Lang Yan, Parang Kagat Lang ng Langgam Planner 2014.

In 2013, I almost bought her planner as well but then it was too late for me for I only learned about it by March or April so I ended up using a really thin 2013 diary book from Japan.

I checked the preview of the planner, its pages, its dimension, design, quality and of course the price, just perfect. I got impressed that it wasn't huge but the writing spaces are alright plus it's witty and really creative so I immediately ordered. Upon payment, my planner was shipped the next day. I applaud the fast transaction. I was so happy when I opened the package, it didn't disappoint it wasn't really that heavy as I expected and this is good because weight is something I have to consider since I am commuting and my bag needs to be lightweight. By November 2013, I already have my planner! Early 2014 ready!

Every page is entertaining, from cover to the very last page. I recommend it for the hopeless romantics, the broken-hearted and the bitteranos. You will surely forgot your love problem after getting this. There are monthly humorous horoscopes, snake and ladder game, calendars, a new kind of coupon plus a whole lot more I don't want to spoil. You should get your own, promise, peksman, oo naman. It also appeared in Star Cinema's rom-com movie, Bride for Rent recently. This also makes a good gift idea for the coming Valentine's day.

At PhP 450.00 via order online and PhP 490.00 in Fullybooked and Bratpack stores, etc, you're in for a treat. It is not your ordinary coffee planner.

Tita Witty had me at  Relaks, Pag-ibig lang yan, Parang Kagat lang ng Langgam. She really can save the world!

For orders contact her at: (0906) 465 2191 or visit their Facebook page: Witty Will Save the World  for more details
Will I ever muster confidence and hand this to my crush? HAHAHA Joke lang.

That's the preview of one of her witty coupons. Sobrang witty talaga!

After getting this, I also saw other planners appealing to my eyes. My candidates are The Daykeeper 2014 and the Munix x Moonleaf Planner. Maybe I should check them out next year.

Photo credits: Daykeeper 2014
I also saw this on Instagram and on Patty Laurel's blog priced PhP 950.00, it's cute and I'm guessing more of a journal than a planner. I'm sorry to say that you can no longer order this, let's just all wait for December 2014. You may however check their Facebook Page: Daykeeper 2014 and enjoy their photographs.

Photo credits: Moonleaf Tea Shop

I also like this planner from Moonleaf because two of my favorite artists were part of this: Reg Silva and Manix Abrera. They created some of the pages along with other artists. I like how minimalist the cover is. I believe it is still available at PhP 350.00 in all Moonleaf Tea Shop branches in Metro Manila. You may check their Facebook page for details: Moonleaf Tea Shop

Other Filipino-made planners to check out are Filed Doodle Planner and Belle De Jour Power Planner. (Click the links to be directed to their websites)

If you are still eying those expensive planners like Moleskine, I suggest you buy them after New Year. Bookstores are usually on sale after that. If you're lucky enough, you can get it half its original price but if you are really saving, go plan with your smartphones. I discovered that there is a free Moleskine app in App Store. It's really cool there's a digital version of Classic Moleskine paper selection: plain, ruled, square as well as templates from the popular Weekly Planner, Passion Recipe Journal and Storyboard Notebook 
(Remember there is no try.)
I hope I mentioned all, just stay positive and you're good to go this 2014. Stay Tuned for more of my throwback posts, food blogs, year end posts. Thank you!

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