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When I talk about running and Sunday: 10th PSE Bull Run

Something updated before I throw in throwback posts.

For the first time in forever, I joined a fun run last Sunday with my parents and dad's office mates. I joined some marathon before but then again those were years ago and both were required. One was for CAT in High School and another was for NSTP in College. 

It was only last week when I learned that I'd be joining the10th PSE Bull Run. My father asked me to substitute for his office mate for this 3K run. I told my parents that that's a short run. I'm thinking even as a starter I could start with 5K because I've been walking and sprinting at times in Makati to avoid being late (sometimes in wedge), but of course this difficulty level is much different than that. And my parents laughed back at me because they are underestimating my capabilities. 

Before the run, I didn't really prepare I just downloaded the old app I deleted, Nike + running, to sync it with my running shoes. I also did a little workout the day before as a warm-up for it's been a while of body strain. My body might get shocked.

Come Sunday, the scheduled PSE Bull run, we woke up so early as in 2 A.M. for this event. BGC was quite far and we need to avoid traffic but then again there's no traffic during those hours so I was a little grumpy upon learning that the 3K-5K run wouldn't start until 5 A.M. My head's screaming a very loud "WHAT?!!!" I thought the run's 4:00 A.M., we were two hours early and I only had around 1 and a half hour of sleep. That left me sitting on some gutter with a not-so-good-morning face, so to anyone who've seen me on that state, apologies for I am never a morning person, or in that case "dawn" unless it's the time of sleep and not the time for waking up.

Since we were too early, what's left to do is prepare for the run. Warm-up exercises and take photos.
Photo credits: Bodivance

The 10th PSE Bull Run was hosted by former court-side reporter and current TV5 weather reporter, Lia Cruz sponsored by Balls TV, among others. PSE President Hans Sicat commenced the event with his opening remarks and signalling the start of 21k Run around 4 A.M. It wasn't the usual gun shot start, they used a golden bell to start the run. My Dad's 5K while I, Mom, and Dad's female colleagues were part of the 3K. I told my Mom I'd run at my own pace so we just set a meeting place somewhere in the finish line. She said "go" but she's still doubting my capabilities. Not to brag, but lo and behold, I finished faster than them even when there's a lot of walking and stopping and hydrating on my end. My shoelace kept on untying itself hindering my faster pace. It was a fun run indeed and we finished early around 6 A.M. or so, just when Mr. Sun rises.
The PSE Bull Run in collage
With host Lia Cruz
That photo was taken before the run when she wished me luck. Man, she's pretty and of course I was fan during the UAAP days, so cringe. I always fangirl shamelessly. It's funny because my run song for that day was "Get Lucky." I realized that running with music on is way better because it boosts your energy.

According to my Nike+ app, I finished 3K for 22 mins, for 1.82 miles, 14++mins with additional 8 mins. However, when my batch mate Norbert sent the official results which can be found here: MyRunTime results,I learned that I finished 28:22 mins making me 104th of the 205th finisher. Not bad for a beginner I guess. But I'm still not satisfied with my run. Maybe I'd try another marathon hopefully initiated by Coach Rio Dela Cruz.

After the run we got our free Pocari Sweat and giveaways. We learned that a male office mate of Dad won the 10k race.Congrats to him! There was a raffle to cap off the event but we headed to Centris and was not able to finish it.

Yellow giveaway. Thank you, sponsors!
At Centris, we stopped by Sunday Market to grab our breakfast and buy vegetables for my salad. I loved the place. Variety of food from fresh ones, to cooked/grilled Filipino and Asian cuisine, vegetables, fruits, seafood, meat, bread, dessert are available. There were also stalls for pet lovers and garden enthusiasts and of course a shopping stop for souvenirs and apparels at the tiangge.

Centris Sunday Market
I was in a hurry to go home because I was really sleepy. My parents told me we're gonna leave again by 3 P.M. since we're going to watch Star Cinema's Starting Over Again. When I woke up by lunch, we already prepared and left home again by 4 P.M. We watched in SM North. Cinema was full as expected. I was really excited to watch this film because I saw the trailer and it got me but then again I was a little disappointed after because I expected more from it. I liked Bride for Rent better than this. Although yes, the movie was realistic and the storyline was good. I just thought it was overrated. It's like 500 days of Summer x Celeste and Jesse Forever but it lacked the feeling these two movies made me feel. I loved it's opening billboard though, it was creative. I must say that the actors are good too, maybe it's just me. Or not. (Sorry for this is not really a spoiler, if you haven't watched it yet, watch it and be the judge!) Tell me your thoughts after.
Starting Over Again, not your ordinary Valentine film

Dinner comes after the movie, we chose Kangaroo Jack to fill our tummies. I ordered my favorite Pumpkin soup and Sirlon steak with Java rice while my Mom went for Roast beef and Dad for Ribs with Hickory Barbecue Sauce. The food was satisfying except for the soup which was a little bit tasteless but all in all Kangaroo Jack is always a good choice, good food, rightful serving, good service and affordable price. Food porn comes after this :)

Le Pumpkin Soup.
I thought it lacked thick consistency and there's too much water making it tasteless.
Sirloin Steak
This one's a go! Side-dish is complete and the steak was well-done! Part of my favorites.

There goes my very long and tiring but fun Sunday with event, movie and food review. In case you're wondering where my brother is, well, he's playing basketball. Catch him on some of my throwback posts.

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