Monday, September 22, 2014

Review: Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties

It is good thing the food-on-the-go has been easy-access these days. Several stores offer food which we can grab on our way to work, to movies and whenever our tummy runs out of fuel, making life of the busy and people in a hurry easier.

Last  week (September 13), I got to try Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties which practically had the same concept. What’s good about it is that it’s situated near the movie house at the fifth floor of Market Market providing more variety to us consumers other than popcorn, fries and hamburger. Don’t you love it? Jamaican patties inside a movie house, sounds good right?

RCJP is not only for food-on-the-go, you may also hangout in their place. It's not as spacious as the regular fastfood outlets but they could seat approximately 6 to 10 persons at a time. They have Reggae-themed interior perfect for friends who'd love to chill-out.

Channel your Bob Marley feels over here and invite your friends!

This branch opened 11 January 2014
During the visit, we were able to try some of their best-selling patties: Cheese Burst Royale (P58), Tuna Royale (P48) and Chicken Royale (P48). 

This chain offers really affordable patties which are crispy and filled with meaty ingredients. Among those we've tried, I recommend Cheese Burst Royale since it contains beef. I love beef so much! They also have several other flavors ranging from mild spicy to really hot and spicy. 

It comes real handy, grab yours now!
Looks like our local empanada

Look at that filling...hmmm...

They also have Baked Mac and cookies for such affordable prices!
For drinks, we tried Red Raspberry Tea and Premium Iced Tea (Promegnate flavor) for P58 each. I enjoyed this blend since the flavors just compliment the spiciness of the patties and these were truly refreshing. These are something I would order for summer.

Our cup of tea
Fruity cool drinks
More options
Now move over Lorde, because we can be royals, just kidding! Try Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties at their Market Market branch now.

Loved the red crown!
For more details visit their website, and like them on Facebook: RCJP

RCJP is open  daily from 10AM to 10PM. It is located at the fifth floor of Market Market, Fort Bonifacio

Disclosure: Sponsored post. Special thanks to Rattus Yu of Lady Rattus for the invite!

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