Saturday, October 04, 2014

Cow Dadi's Soft Opening

On Fridays, most restaurants are fully-booked for dinner especially if it happens to be a "payday Friday". Everyone wants to go out and enjoy their happy hour after work or school as prelude to the weekend.

In Makati City alone, despite being surrounded by malls and hole-in-the-wall food places, most of the establishments are still easily fully-booked and some stores close a little early so you really have to be vigilant for you to be able to score seats on the restaurants you've been eyeing...or you have to be an explorer. 

One Friday evening of September, we got off work late, it's past 8 and most stores in the Ayala malls are already closing so we found ourselves exploring nearby streets in Ayala but there's still no luck, so we ended up in streets a little farther until finally one establishment along Urban Avenue caught our eye. The name of the place is "Cow Dadi" and it's on its soft opening. Got sold because, steak. I love steak!

Photo from Cow Dadi

We were attended by Chef Lyle Asprer, who introduced us their menu. There's Beef Caldereta and other Filipino dishes on their counter. He told us that they recently opened and their specialty is their Prime Rib Cut Steak which are being grilled. They also have inihaw na liempo and both were being sold for affordable prices. Prime Rib Cut Steak they call Cow Baby costs P120 with regular rice and  P150 with fried rice. Imagine steak being sold for student price, what a treat!

We were lucky that we were able to choose the steak on our own. We ordered prime rib steak with regular and fried rice. Their marinated steak is huge and cooked well-done. It's served with special gravy.

While waiting for our orders, I had a little chat with Ms. Lea who shared that they are also open for breakfast around 10 A.M. and that they plan to extend their operating hours from 10 P.M. til 3 A.M. on weekends for people who work during graveyard shift. They usually serve the regulars which includes laing.

Now take a look at what we've ordered!

Cow Dadi's signature Prime Rib Cut Steak  Cow Baby with gravy

Rice surprise!
Their fried rice pretty much tastes like that of salsa rice from Buffalo Wings n' Things. I liked it, although with the huge serving of steak one will ask for extra rice.

Cow Dadi's steak for its price is worth it. Huge portion of steak. I recommend this.

Recently, I became Facebook friends with Chef Lyle and so I'm more updated with Cow Dadi, they now accept deliveries. They additionally offer 320g Cow Dadi Prime Rib Cut Steak a little bigger than what we've ordered but still affordable for the price of P260 and Grand Dadi 450g, good for sharing.

This place which could seat 24 to 60 people is highly recommended for the yuppies and students who want to eat good and valuable food. You may also enjoy your happy hour and partner your steak with beer. 

Cow Dadi is located at G/F Pioneer Building No. 252 Urban Avenue with contact number 0905 264 3234. Open from Monday to Thursday 10 A.M to 10 P.M., Friday to Saturday 10 A.M. to 4 A.M.

Like them on Facebook: Cow Dadi.

Disclosure: We paid for our meals.


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