Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tim Ho Wan, anyone?

*This is a long due Tim Ho Wan review. Throwbacks are coming in. Stay tuned!

If you visited SM Mega Fashion Hall in the past months, you probably noticed a long queue at the ground floor. Nope, it's not a fashion store, it's no other than Tim Ho Wan! So what's so special about this restaurant that people patiently fall in line for it?

Tim Ho Wan is HongKong's most famous Michelin Star Dim Sum. If you're not familiar with Michelin Starred restaurants, these are the hallmark of fine dining and quality restaurants around the world according to Foodtravel.com. They were recognized by the Michelin Red Guide. 

Given that prestige, the Filipino foodies who are knowldgeable about this Michelin starred restaurant flocked to try Tim Ho Wan as it finally opens in Manila. Other people who are curious about this Dim Sum place also got excited about this while there's also a few percent who are frustrated foodies who failed to try this abroad. I've been to Hong Kong twice but I've never heard of this until recently that's the power of social media I guess. I heard that the lines in HK and Singapore are also blockbuster.

Reviews say that most people only fall in line for Tim Ho Wan's pork buns. It's truly evident on Instagram posts and other #foodporn posts so I told myself I would definitely try it once I get the chance.

It took me a while to visit the place even if I've already seen it during the first days of its opening. Staring at the long line just exhausts me and my foodtrip buddy. Luckily, my dad invited us for a family dinner and there was no other answer but yes. My mom fell in line for us earlier and she told me it took her less than an hour since it was still office hours that time. 

Unfortunately, traffic disappointed me and I arrived really late. My family already finished dinner and I wasn't able to dine inside Tim Ho Wan. But of course, I already told them beforehand that I would be late so they had the initiative to take out some food for me and I ended up eating at foodcourt. Downside is I didn't get to order my choice but yay, because father included barbecue pork buns in his take-out for me! They also bought vermicelli roll with shrimp. A week later, somebody gave me pan fried carrot cake and steamed egg cake.

My Tim Ho Wan take-outs and the line even near closing time!

The Verdict

Pan Fried Carrot Cake- 3.5/5
It's my first time to try pan fried carrot cake. I am not sure of its Filipino counterpart but I think it somehow resembles "puto". So think about puto and carrot, that's how this cake tastes like. I only tried a portion. It's not actually light, because for this alone you might get full already.

Steamed Egg Cake- 3.5/5
I ate very little portion of this so I have to try it again to remember. But as far as my brain could recall, it also reminded me of puto. It's semi-sweet but this one's less heavier than the pan-fried one.

Vermicelli roll with shrimp- 5/5 
By the rating itself you probably get a hint on how I love this! It comes with sauce that makes the vermicelli slimy. Not too salty, just right for the roll. It's a little bit oily probably because of the shrimp. You would love the serving because it's lengthy. I couldn't describe the taste but it's perfection for me so you have to try this out and find out how it tastes. Would definitely go back for this!

Baked bun with BBQ pork- 3.5/5 
These pork buns are served in threes in one plate. The buttery bun reminds me of cheese pandesal because of its flaky and soft texture. You'd love how it complements the barbecue sauce and meat inside. Yum! It honestly reminded me of Chowking's Chunky Beef Chow Pao but this is a more sophisticated and meatier version. Plus it has a distinctive sauce. For the full Tim Ho Wan experience, you must try this!

Honestly, I haven't been inside Tim Ho Wan up to now but had I been there I would've ordered more and review it for you. Maybe next time I should try other dishes. Is it worth lining for? I'd say yes.

Below are the other dim sum they offer:

The Big 4 we must all try! Photo credits: Tim Ho Wan
The complete menu. Photo from Our Awesome Planet
Today 11/11 at 11 A.M., another branch of Tim Ho Wan is opening in Manila and it's going to be in Glorietta 3. As a treat, from 11-16 November 2014, they are giving away FREE BAKED PORK BUNS for the first 100 customers. You might want to check that out, tag your foodie friends along!

If you failed to visit their Mega branch, now's the chance. Let's volt in Makati peeps!

Here's a sneak peek of their Glorietta branch posted by @iloveglorietta on Instagram

I heard they would open five branches in Manila this year til early next year so you better check that out. Two down, three more. Yes to dim sum! So ano, Tim Ho Wan, anyone?

Click click  below for store listings, promos and other details:

Website: Tim HoWan
Facebook: Tim HoWan FB page
Instagram: @timhowanph


Marc Teng said...

My favorite dimsum place because of their pork buns. Hope you read my blog too.

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Thanks, Marc! Will check out your blog too! :)

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