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Huge sale as H&M opens in SM Makati

They say that fashion never sleeps, is that the reason why several Filipinos camped in Mega Fashion Hall from the afternoon of 16 October til 17 October 2014?! The answer is maybe. 

Oops. Wrong store advertisement!
They camped in and lined up for a Swedish fashion brand, H&M store opening in Manila! But why?

Photos sent by my mom when she attempted to fall in line for me
There are only three reasons I could think of. One, you may be a legit H&M fan who waited for it to arrive in Manila; Two, you probably learned about it from social media and because of the hype you joined the bandwagon or you wanted to impress your followers; and lastly, FREEBIES, well, I fell for it too, almost 6K for shopping spree, why not? Oh, and let me add, discounted items!

It was late 2012 when I learned that H&M will have a branch in Manila. It's actually just a rumor after Forever 21 was launched here. I really look forward to having these two stores along with J. Crew and Urban Outfitters but the latter two are probably far from reality as of today.

So anyway, I first visited H&M in Hongkong two years ago and I loved its pieces. There are expensive ones but there are also good ones that you could buy on sale, sometimes even with buy 1 take 1 promo so after learning it'll have a branch in Mega Fashion Hall, I told myself I would visit it. However, the opening date falls on a Friday and I have work. My mom was generous enough to offer her time and told me she would fall in line for me but then on the day before the opening, I read the news that people are already camping in as early as Thursday afternoon. I told my mom about it and she decided not to join the line early morning but told me she'd still go on a later time.

When my mom got in Mega Fashion Hall, I received rants about how long the line is that she decided not to go inside. She also took photos of the lines and boy was it crazy.

Quick History 

I wonder how many people are aware of the meaning of H&M. H&M stands for Hennes and Mauritz. It's initially just Henne's women's clothing store but its founder Erling Persson bought a hunting and fishing equipment store, Mauritz Widforss and changed it's name to Hennes and Mauritz in 1968.

I got this as a souvenir from my first visit in H&M, free from that branch
H&M Mega Fashion Hall
Personally, aside from the discount, I also look forward to visiting H&M because it's the first three-floor store I've seen (Biggest so far, I think) and based on the media preview, the items being sold are good fashion finds for reasonable prices.

On October 21, 2014, my mom and I visited H&M. This time, we didn't have to fall in line, its doors are wide open for shop goers. Here goes a photoblog of which:

At the upper ground level, you may find ladies' wear, accessories, lingerie and shoes. Just like in HongKong, the sophisticated ones are located at the lowest floor. More on basic formal wears or clothes for corporate affairs.
Let's head up now...
...because there's more fashion upstairs!

Yes, you are seeing it right! There is an escalator inside H&M for your convenience.

The view from the entrance at the upper ground
We're marching on
How'd you like their hair?
Second level are for ladies, this time casual ones. While the third floor are for men's and kids' wear (0-14+ years old). I actually didn't know that there's H&M for kids I only learned from it after this visit.

View of their posters from Ippudo line
The verdict: I'd say H&M is worth visiting but the it's not worth camping in for me. I'd rather visit it on a regular day but who am I kidding, I'm planning to visit its newest branch today.

One must also look forward to H&M x Alexander Wang collection. This sporty collection are the ones posted on the billboards in North Edsa

Just last week, H&M opened a branch in Robinsons Magnolia. They also launched H&M Home which I am excited to see it's probably Muji and/or Ikea-like. I have yet to see to find out.

Today, they opened another branch in SM Makati. Perfect timing because it also marks as the start of the holiday season plus it's payday Friday. I'm hoping to sneak in later so I could window-shop or if time and crowd permits, shop. Beware of the traffic!

If you're around the area, it's located in SM Makati. Unfortunately, only early birds catches the 5K gift card but lucky for us they announced a 40-50% off on selected items. 

H&M is set to open two more stores before the year ends. These are in Robinsons Place Manila and SM North Edsa.

Since we're talking about store-openings, Uniqlo is also opening in SM Makati today.

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