Sunday, January 11, 2015


5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

Yes, it's been more than a week since the New Year so allow me to greet you a Happy New Year! 

It is already 2015. Other than fireworks, abundant dining tables and festive mood, there's no better way to start the year but to have a light heart, a smile and clear disposition.

Let all things be amazing this year

By tradition, we use to replace our calendars and planners in order to have fresher start and write our plans for the whole year. Last year, I wrote a review on my then planner in this blogpost: 2014 ready, I mentioned that I have also been eying on The Daykeeper planner designed by Katrina San Juan. This year, I manage to purchase one and I will tell you how I am loving it in photos (Apologies in advance because my shots weren't artistic as of the moment, I'd make artsy shots next time! *wink*).

I inquired about this beautiful planner really early,  around October 2014. However, due to time constraint I ordered during the first week of December which made me worry since there were already posts indicating that they already run out of copies. Good thing my order form still made it, and on the third week of December, it finally arrived.

I am loved
I just loved its personalized packaging! This is also good for gifts. Once you order, you will be asked which name you wish to indicate on your tag. The handwriting on the packaging was too good that I also bought my own calligraphy pen, hoping maybe I'd have the same handwriting too.

The Daykeeper datebook promises beautiful photographs and lay-out, encouraging and inspiring words and Bible verses inside. Mind you, no page is alike. You will never be bored with this.

I love how they put 'COURAGE' at the back of each cover
Daykeeper owner's oath
Unlike other planners where it's all about dates and plans, I find the Daykeeper more personal since it touches one's inner soul. It encourages a woman to be strong, to travel and to find good things in the smallest details life offers. In fact, after each date pages, there is a portion dedicated for "The Things that Made Me Smile Today." This planner also awakened my wanderlust with its pretty photographs.

There are also pages where you can write to your future self which also make it a timecapsule, a journal and a planner rolled into one. The raving doesn't stop here.

Postcards, anyone?
Where else can you find a planner with postcards? Well, this is the first time I've seen one. I initially thought these were only printed photographs until I found out these were postcards intended for our loved ones. Again, one of the pretty perks I got from ordering this.

Send this when you travel.

I can't say anything negative about The Daykeeper planner, because really it's nothing but amazing. I heard they already ran out of copies so you might just try your luck in Heima store and check out their page for copies available, I posted the links below.  It's worth PhP 950.00, shipping fee excluded. They also sell these in some stores in San Francisco, they've gone international!

Since it's too beautiful to ruin, I don't want to bring it with me every where I go. Maybe I will take it with me during selective travels and let it sleep beside me in my sleep but since it is hardbound, its cover is made of cloth, and its pages are pretty, I will do my very best to prevent wrecking it. For that I need another planner which is more handy but still artsy and useful to my liking. So then I researched and found Papemelroti's pocket planner with various designs, which I love, and it's price, PhP 20.00 ONLY! Precious! Unfortunately, many others found it beautiful as well and decided to purchase it as giveaways and so despite several inquiries to different branches I still had no luck. Most branches already ran out of stock. Maybe I should look further.

Below are Papemelroti's pocket-planner designs. Would you believe they're locally made? Awesome! 


The first week of work has started so I was really in need of a planner. I then decided to use my friend Marianne's gift to me back then. It's a weekly planner without dates so I am the one inputting dates. Well beside it's cute cat design, it's pink and it's handy! The fields are also enough for daily musings. 

Here, kitty!

Now I am all set for 2015! With or without planner, let's all have an amazing and smooth-sailing year ahead of us.

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