Saturday, September 14, 2013

34th Manila International Book Fair

Heads up book lovers! Our book "heaven" is officially open!

Last September 11, the Manila International Book Fair opened once again.

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Filipino bookworms look forward to this event yearly as numerous bookstores and publishing companies gather to promote reading. They set up booths wherein they sell books and other reading materials, most of the time at a discounted price. There is a wide array of selection from text books to fiction and non-fiction, to magazines and to comic books.There are also freebies and workshops which await for those who will come. If you are lucky enough, you could even bump into your favorite author and you could have your book signed for there are also scheduled book signing and book launches.

In 2010, I've had my fair share of MIBF. I was able to go there during the last day (September 20, a Sunday) after an overnight for our Literature magazine. I was able too see Ambeth Ocampo and some other authors from Anvil. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to buy any book because all the good titles I've been meaning to buy were already out of stock. My favorite bookstore got their books sold-out. So if I were you, you better be an early bird so you'd get hold of good deals because you have several competitors out there, all hungry for books and SALE.

The 34th MIBF is running
at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex from September 11-15, 2013. They usually start at 10 A.M. and closes at 8 P.M. so you have plenty of time to book shop. Ticket prices for adults costs PhP 20.00 while it's PhP 10.00 for students. But there are free passes available on some publishing companies' website and pages available on the following links: Jesuit Communications and Adarna House. Just print those and present it before entering.

Be sure to check MIBF's website and Facebook page to get updated on their schedules.

I'm sad to say I may have to miss it this year but I am really hoping you won't. Enjoy and make reading a habit!

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