Friday, September 06, 2013

Win a Hello Kitty Instax-mini camera too!

I am not called Ladyluck Gazette for nothing.

So far in my 22 years of existence, I've won several things from different contests be it on a raffle basis or an essay/question and answer type one. My friends even asked me to join Lotto/lottery but I told them I may lose all my luck if I join that. Maybe next time.

Concert tickets, guest lists, home appliances, gadgets and even cash prizes name it. Those are some of the things I've won to name a few. Partly, it's probably because of my guts and will to win, or my creativity and talent maybe, but mostly I think luck always play a big role in all of my winning-streak. I'd like to believe that it's all because of me, but sometimes I just believe in fate because there are instances that no matter how hard you try in life, you just can't seem to get it. If it's not for you, it will never be, they say. As cliche as it may sound, that seems to be 75-90 percent true to me. I don't usually have faith in fate but when all else fail, I just resort to that good old Lenon line: "LET IT BE." For whatever will be will be.

Going back to my winning-streak, in 2013 alone, I've won six contests! Close-up summer solstice ticket (failed to attend), guest list for Bloggers United 5, a magazine subscription from Zinio and Ana Viajera (Nylon, baby!), a mug from ETC and very recently my favorite prize to date, a Hello Kitty instax-mini camera from SM Accessories Kids! How lucky, isn't it? I myself couldn't believe it as well.

When I've learned the contest from Ava Te, I immediately bookmarked the mechanics.

Old mechanics
However, I got preoccupied by a lot of things and failed to attend work due to typhoon Maring that I ended up not remembering it until the deadline came! Good thing my entry got in even if it was just a last minute strike. My friend was laughing at me because it was a contest sponsored by SM Accessories Kids, emphasis on Kids. I don't really think I will win because my essay was a blah made for about 5-10 minutes but I guess stroke of luck really played well, what do we know, this kid at heart won!

After watching a very victorious UAAP game of UST versus FEU, I browsed Facebook for updates and found out that I won.

I literally jump from joy and squealed because it was so unexpected. I'm a true blue HK fan for as long as I can remember. I even plan to buy it if I don't win but my parents don't approve because they told me I already own digital cameras and phone cameras. You know how I love photos and cameras, so no. But yes to winning!

I claimed my prize at SM Mall of Asia Building C.

Across Sunrise Blvd.

I was so glad people there were so accomodating, special mention to Ms. Rovie. My undertime for work was totally worth it!

Thank you SM Accessories!
I could not thank SM Accessories kids enough! They even took a photo of me for their documentation purposes. Ms. Rovie noticed that my phone strap and wallet was Hello Kitty. I told you I was a fan!

Surely, I went home with a smile on my face. 

Happy Kid!
Later that evening, I bought a film to finally test it. It is quite expensive but of course it's worth buying. The sales lady from SM Department store took a photo of me.

Here's my baby and my selfie:

The prize is right!

I know you want to win this too. You still have a chance. Just follow
the mechanics on Saab Magalona's blog post here. Deadline of entry's till tomorrow, 11:59 P.M.

Remember, there's no harm in trying. I tried and won, you may win too! Best of luck!

-Ladyluck Gazette

(Pardon my post. I only blogged and edited the photos through my mobile phone I may have to edit the photos and link when I get the chance. Just want to share it before the deadline) ❤❤❤

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