Sunday, February 15, 2015

Gift ideas for him and her: Typo and Wonderpop

So it's Valentine's day yesterday and so there are a lot of commercialized cheesy stuff being sold again. 

This should have been a stand-alone post on Typo but I figured it's also timely for the Love month. This could also be applicable on other occasions if you wish. 


There are several choices of gifts to gives for girls, bags, dress, shoes, stuff toys and random stuff, Typo offers just that. If you frequent Instagram, you probably have seen this store on your feed. 

Typo opened their store in Manila late last year. It is an Australian brand which is a flagship of Cotton On selling various stuff such as notebook and journals, tech and travel accessories, decorations for your office and home and mostly artsy stuff. I bet a lot of hipster will love this store as it offers really cool stuff perfect for personal retail therapy or gift ideas. They opened their first store in Trinoma and opened their second branch in Greenbelt 5. I only visited their GB5 branch and I will walk you through it in photos:

Come in

Store counter
Decorative stuff available for your bed room or living room
Don't forget to hashtag #ILoveTypoGB5 if you love their store!

Student essentials
Student essentials include colorful and cute pens with different shapes, pouches, notebooks, journals, stamps and other office and school supplies. You will have to choose on various BEAUTIFUL designs so good luck!
Visiting this store makes my notebook-hoarder-self cringe.

They also sell frames, greeting cards and bags!
The greeting cards are really witty, you should check them out if you're tired of the usual cards you see on bookstores. Be unique!
Pillows, alarm clocks, figurines, mugs and other stuff for home
See, I'm telling you this store is truly perfect for gift-giving. You have a lot of choices for your girlfriend, mother, friends, teachers and whoever. You can also buy stuff for male friends and loved ones. They've got it in store for you.

They have a lot of Snoopy stuff inside, if you're a fan or collector this place is perfect for you.
Sleep-easy headphones for PhP 799.00
Now this Sleep-easy headphones is what I've asked for for our exchange gift. I like this because it serves as earphones and eye-mask perfect for traveling and night-soundtripping. It comes in animal-designs such as panda and fox. I also saw printed ones. Too bad, Greenbelt 5 already ran out of stock. I am still waiting for their stocks. They told me they will just notify me once there are new supplies back on their display.
Do you see what I see? HELLO KITTY!
I find these cute and they're like Moleskine journals. Got to love their colors, plain and sweet!

Headphones for PhP 999.00
These headphones come in really good designs, there are skulls, pineapple, and animal prints, among many others. 
Travel Stuff

Travel Journal and pouches
Travel accessories are also part of my top-picks for Typo. They sell passport holders, travel journals with really useful pockets and pages inside.

There are many more stuff inside Typo that you may discover. It's a  good store for people who love arts, music, travel. Buying a gift from Typo could never get you wrong. I only find their stuff expensive but items are really worth it. Visit their stores in Trinoma 1/F and Greenbelt 5 2/F.

Wonder Pop

While it's easy to please girls when it comes to gifts, boy are also easy to please because they don't usually like gifts. However, whenever they want gifts, they sometimes want expensive stuff such as shoes, gadgets, gaming stuff and the likes. And if you're clueless about those, here's a good gift idea for your boyfriend, male best friend, brother, and father.

Sometime last year, my boyfriend asked for a coffee mug and left me choosing for the design. I was pressured because I only know most of girly designs and so I searched for mugs with Heisenberg design because Breaking Bad TV series was his favorite. Luckily, I came across the Facebook page of Wonderpop.

I found cool designs for their mugs, they've got Starwars, Sherlock, Avengers, Dr. Who, Saul Goodman, and more importantly, they have what I am looking for,  a HEISENBER MUG. I couldn't be anymore relieved!

I visited their store in Rockwell and got amazed as they also sell shirts and caps. Ladies, you can also enjoy their stuff. They are selling pop culture items. They have them in chibi designs as well. If you're finding it hard to look for gifts, you don't have to look any further as you have a lot of designs to choose from plus they're affordable. I heard they also join bazaars around the Metro so you can also check them out there.

Shirts and mugs inside their store
Various cool and cute mug designs!
HEISENBERG MUG for PhP 200.00, I am getting one too.
Visit Wonderpop at their store in Rockwell located at 2/F Sofa Retail Lab. You may check out their designs pre-hand  or order online at the following:

Facebook- Wonderpop
Website- Wonderpop

It's never too late to buy present for for your loved ones. You don't have to give expensive ones and you could always just tell them you love them. You don't even have to wait for an occasion as you can give them gifts for just because.
Or you could go traditional
These are the Valentine items I saw on my way home last Friday.

Heart candies I got from my officemate. Thanks Ate Mavic!
Matryoshka Doll Project by Plet Bolipata
From this Matryoshka dolls fragile heart and I, belated Happy Valentine's Day! Stay loved! 

*Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post.

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